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Silver Yang Postcard - My favourite Food

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When I started painting, I started by drawing food and drawing coffee.

Because whether it is on the go,

Still in everyday life,

When doing these two things,

You can sit down and have time to do other things.

Currently living in Malaysia with a Malaysian gentleman.

The variety of foods that are available in a country with a multicultural ethnicity is amazing.

Chinese, Malay, Indian cuisine,

It’s amazing and loved at all.

In addition to photographs, these favorite flavors are recorded by drawing.

Each is the taste I like.

Take you to know the food I like in Malaysia - the fruit king durian, the summer summer ice Cendol, the shrimp noodle with a rich soup.

{size} 14.5cm x 10.5cm


A very suitable Italian imported art paper,

Can fully express the original appearance of the painting,

Also very suitable for writing,

Each color is proofread in person.

There is no color difference with the original painting.

{Place of Origin}


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