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Musotrees Magazine - Vol 8

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VOLUME 8 - How Are You? ISSUE

This volume explores the possibility of travelling. With the current happenings, it is fair to say that we are all trying our best for 2020. Everything we do now needs to be thought out thoroughly, planned feverishly, and executed carefully. Keeping our body temperature in check is of utmost importance daily, as well as wearing a face mask at all times in public areas – depending on what the rules are where you are – and using hand sanitisers by the gallon. 

Cover Photo by Thibault Charpentier: Lockdown in Paris

Contents (144 pages):

  • Gridlock by Hajar Manaf
  • Beautifying The Pomegranate by Daniel Herszberg
  • Lockdown in Paris by Thibault Charpentier
  • Being Foreign, Abroad and At Home by Julia Merican
  • The Motorcycle Minutes by Sammi Lim
  • Taking My Family Home by Shaleen Syed Noor
  • The Southern Italian Summer by Lorenzo Morandi
  • Interview: Ibrahim Nehme in Lebanon
  • Interview: Basira Yeusuff in Seoul
  • Interview: Elora Hardy in Bali
  • Special Feature - Aesop Rozu